Our Mission

Inspiration and value. These are the two attributes that we’re pursuing with the Laurentina project. We would like to inspire every single one who has just joined the world of web3 and NFT’s and reflect our career as transparently as possible and thus provide help and education.

The project roots

Laurentina’s roots are in Rome Italy. The name Laurentina is inspired by the long road via Laurentina that runs south from Rome to the sea. Italian culture has always been close to our hearts and has also been a huge inspiration for our upcoming Laurentina ROME NFT collection.

We mint on October 16th

We want to create something that is sustainable in the long term, so that our NFT holders have somthing valuable they can benefit from.

The Laurentina project

With Laurentina we want to inspire together. That’s why we’re building a social network where anyone can monetize their talent with the help of NFTs. How great is it to pay for a service and have an asset at the same time. It is important to us that the site is based on the aspect of art and creative freedom. Creators can share their daily life, their passion and their own free opinion. You can be a part of the path of your favorite creator. In this way we create an even closer relationship between creator and fan. Our goal is to let Web2 creator flow into the web3 space and show people how strong and revolutionary smart contracts and blockchain technology is.

About Laurentina NFT

Women have always been the epitome of beauty and aesthetics, especially when it comes to art.
A hand drawn collection of 4444 unique NFT pieces featuring women, meant to symbolize the aspect of beauty and creative freedom.
Every NFT has unique utility built in within the Laurentina roadmap.
We want to express the warmth, passion, joy and love for summer with the Rome collection. The interplay of numerous brightly colored dresses, backdrops and colors plays a defining characteristic in our collection.

The Laurentina Roadmap


Laurentina NFT collection
4444 Laurentina Rome NFT collection
 Minting in September 2022
 Drawn by our artist: Ana Luiza


Post mint Roadmap
It is important for us to fill the existing gap between Web2 and Web3 and to educate new people about Web3. We want to implement this through events and trade fairs. We are planning to host our own Laurentina fair in Germany, where numerous projects and Web3 influencers will be invited.
Every month 30% of our monthly royalties will be added to our Laurentina Community Fund. Our community will help us to choose which collections to support.


We will be launching:
Our More by Laurentina social network in 2023
Our Laurentina magazine
Our Laurentina clothing line.

The utility for our holders

Of course we would like to offer our Laurentina ROME NFT holders some added value as a thank you for the support. On the one hand, our holders will be rewarded with free mints on our upcoming Web3 platform. The number of free mints from your favorite collections of creators depends on the rarity of the Laurentina ROME NFT that is held. Furthermore, our community gets the opportunity to decide each month which projects should be supported. We will reallocate 30 percent of the monthly royalties into our Laurentina bank and the purchased NFTs will be airdopped to our holders. In addition, our holders will be invited to events and celebrations that we will organize in the coming months and years. This is just the beginning and we look forward to our future together. Let’s build Laurentina together!

Laurentina clothing

Elegant & Sporty

MORE by Laurentina

We are working with students from the LMU & TU university in Munich on the development of our MORE powered by Laurentina Web3 social network. 
How can you imagine the principle of the site? Imagine a fitness creator who would like to monetize his/her talent, workout or nutrition plans. He/ She can implement this with the help of NFTs. What is the advantage to a normal subscription? The buyer gets an asset plus the service at the same time. As soon as the creator increases in reach, the value of the NFT also increases. So you invest in the person, your favorite creator and you are a part of his/her career.

Ambassador Club


Laurentina x Women Tribe

Wunks x Laurentina

Laurentina Founders

 We dreamed of creating something on our own to express our passion. Creating something creative that offers a certain added value that people can identify with and also share this passion.

Jozef Kapicak

Founder / Marketing & brand building

Ana Luiza

Co - Founder / artist

Fabio Paul

Co - Founder / Web design & Community manager

Meet our wondrful team.


We are building a brand for creative and talented individuals. We would like to convey inspiration and value.
Our Rome by Laurentina collection will be released on October 16th. There will be 4444 available to mint. 
0.05 eth + standard Gas fee.
We are creating resources and will be hosting calls to support you through this process. Our community and team of mods are also here to answer any question you have in our discord channel.
We’re reachable anytime through Twitter messages.
The Laurentina – List is an early mint acces for our Community. Everybody on the Laurentina – List will be able to mint for a cheaper price. Join our Discord to learn how to get a spot on our Presale – List.